We win it !

We are delighted to announce that, this year again, two of our products have won a Red Dot Design Award. It is also because our clients trust us that we are able to create beautiful products. Thank you for your continued trust and support!


CURVE - Kitchen Timer (Tools)
Product Design Award

“As part of Tools, the manufacturer’s innovative range of cooking utensils, the Curve kitchen timer offers contemporary ease of use. Equipped with a rotary mechanism and a touch screen, the timer makes sure users can easily set the required cooking time. Its asymmetric contour facilitates the reading of the digital display. Due to its magnetic housing, the timer can either be attached to vertical metal surfaces or, with its non-slip base, be placed on the kitchen worktop.

Statement by the jury

A minimalist language of form underlines the high utility value of this kitchen timer, which can be flexibly positioned.”

MATRIX - Cookware (Aubecq)
Honourable Mention

“Part of the manufacturer’s proprietary Matrix cookware range, this scratch resistant frying pan offers state of the art performance for private households. Its unibody design features a densely woven mesh structure on the inside, lending the stainless steel pan reliable non-stick properties. Thus, the frying pan is especially suited for searing meat and fish. Its light weight as well as a heat insulated handle ensure high ease of use.

Statement by the jury
The implementation of an innovative base design lends this frying pan good functional properties and an autonomous look.”