We create stories. 

We help innovative brands to decrypt and anticipate their markets and develop the most desirable concepts, products and packagings to engage emotionally the shopper.




Through storytelling, design research we uncover what motivates customers at their deepest emotional level. As a result of that  research, we are able to create concept that trigger emotional responses in customers.

Our services are designed as a complete product development solution, but we personalize the process to compliment your strengths. Sometimes we deliver complete development packages, other times we'll fit in where you need us. Either way, we're here to help.


Brand development

We create aesthetics that cause buyers to say, "I need it!". Then, we follow through on the rationale by creating products, catalog, packaging, displays, and user experiences with performance, reliability, durability, quality and value... The stuff that makes buyers say, "I want another!".

Buyers react emotionally, then rationalize the purchase decision. If the rational experience delivers on the emotional promise, then the buyer will come back again and again.




Great packaging can often be your number one sales person. At Stories, we design packaging that catches the eye and gives people the confidence to buy.

Packaging design can be pivotal to the success of a product at retail. Consumers have millions of choices on retail shelves. They may be in a store looking for a different product than yours. 


Plenty of ways to make your salad dressing...


New spray 2.0 - Adjust the pourcentage of oil and vinegar with the adjusting wheel. Spray and you will get required mix. Furthermore, you can use the top pouring feature, move the knob on one side to get oil, and on the other to get vinegar. Easy to use. Technically, so much involved. Maximized space to fit all the mechanism. Here's the evidence.



Consumer trends and future aesthetic


In a far less predictable environment, you must anticipate consumer trends and future aesthetic preferences more than ever. In order to grasp these new innovation and development opportunities, we will help you define the most forward looking vision of your markets and translate it into brand and style strategies, and into even more desirable products.


New emulsifying Twister


Graduation on the container to dose the mix. Release the knob by twisting the ring, press the knob and over-dimensioned propeller will do the mix. Wide bottom for the propeller will scrap out the ingredients open the pouring lip to serve.



Smart + Healthy


This year, we're reaping the nutritious benefits of juicing fresh fruits and vegetables, and we want you to join usStart with this blender set, then get creative and share your own favorite combinations. 
This set comes with a 600W engine unit that can extract vitamins and minerals from your fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. The sharp Fruit Blade Assembly allows you to blend your own smoothies in just a few seconds, while the Milling Blade Assembly lets you make your own nut butter (almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter…). With the 300ml and 600ml bottles, you can enjoy different sizes of smoothies depending on your mood. The Simple Cap ensures that your smoothies say fresh longer and lets you carry your bottles around easily. This storage case with a sophisticated design will hold all the accessories needed. Its wide handle provides an excellent grip.


Nothing carries emotion quite like iberico ham...


Bring the Bellota-Bellota® craving box to boost your next party, discover taste from Guijuelo to Jabugo or Dehesa extramadura. 

Help yourself to whatever cover suits your mood. These craving box are all illustrated with superb recipes from Hamada, Notlet, Barbot or Sandra... "The only way to get a rid of temptation is to yield to it." Oscar Wilde